It is not every school that has got this great opportunity to be given this important gifts [sic] you have given us." - Dorcas

The books you sent to us here in Ghana promise to be very useful to all the pupils especially the ninth graders... [we] hope God rewards you in a thousand folds for this benevolent act.    - Seraphine, grade nine student


Both students and teachers go there to take books which they do not have and read and make notes on any subject and topic they need. Students can use the school library to prepare notes on topics which their teachers are yet to teach them.  - Rita, JHS 1

This library has become a saviour to students in Bright Future Basic School, and to me in particular. I have achieved so many things from my school library… I have also acquired new skills for reading by going to the library… Reading also sharpens my mind and broadens my scope of knowledge and understanding… Reading also improves my ability to write a story and essays.           - Christabel

What I have actually achieved from Keta Bright Future Basic school Library is that it helps me cultivate the habit of learning on my own. That is, through the school library, I can sit alone and learn without the help of anybody...   - Bright, grade six student

… I have been finding it very difficult [to] read, first when there is no library in the school I don’t like reading when we are in the class and they call me I find its [sic] difficult to read and moreover I am always shy to talk to my friends but now that the books are in the library I did everything possible to read the books in the library and now I know how to speak correct English and how to read.              - Emmanuel, JHS 1

Through the library I was able to know histories about foreigners, their culture and how they eat, greet and talk. It is very important to know more about other people.  - Pearl, Form 1

The library also serve[s] as a relaxing place. A place you can use to refresh your mind. Because there is [sic] no disturbances in there. In fact the library is a very good place used to improve our knowledge …  - Nathaniel