Ghana students read in library


Since 2015, Books Matter has sent books to create libraries in twelve more schools. We also continue to add books to the Keta Library.

Adbedeafor RC School (above left) is located in the Volta Region of Ghana. The 200 students there had NO BOOKS before we sent them 400. It's hard to imagine youngsters not having access to reading materials. Music Loves Math school, located in Nima, Accra (above right) received 800 books for their 150 students and they couldn't be happier. The students in Larabanga (below left) showed up during their summer break in 2015 for the arrival of 1,000 books! Afterwards, they got down to the business of reading some of those books, like this student, photographed in the fall of 2017 (below right). In November or December, we will be sending books to Laribanga's elementary school. You can help us by donating as little as $20. That would help us send approximately 25-30 books all the way from Toronto, Canada.